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CSO company offers most affordable and reliable Japanese used cars and other vehicles. Become a member of CSO you have an access of live auction from where you can make a bid and buy this Japanese used 2007 model coming in Japan car auction TAA Shikoku on October 23, 2012 and starting bid is 30 000  ¥. This Used Honda Partner white colur 1500cc engine available in tip top condition with good interior, other auction details are given below.

Auction Details

Auction Date 23.10.2012
Auction House TAA Shikoku
Start Bid 80 000 ¥

Used Honda Partner Specifications

Make Honda Model Partner
Year 2007 Colour White
Mileage 157000 km Engine 1500cc

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Used Honda Partner 2007 Auction SheetAuction Sheet of Used Honda Partner

Honda Partner 2007 in Japan car auction
Japan car auction TAA Shikoku
2007 Used Honda Partner Japan Car Auction TAA Shikoku

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Used Honda CRV 2009 is coming in Japanese car auction house ‘TAA Hokkaido’ at October 18, 2012.  This 1.3cc petrol engine, black colour vehicle available in good condition with low mileage and starting bid is 120 000 ¥.

Auction Details

Auction Date 18.10.2012
Auction House TAA Hokkaido
Start Bid 120 000 ¥

Used Honda CRV 2009 Specifications

Make Honda Model CRV
Year 2009 Colour Black
Mileage 93000km Engine 1300cc

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Used Honda CRV 2009 Auction SheetAuction Sheet of Japanese Honda CRV

Honda CRV 2009 in Japan auto auction
Japan auto auction TAA Hokkaido
2009 Used Honda CRV Japan Auto Auction TAA Hokkaido

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Top sell vehicle in Myanmar Used Japanese Toyota Rav4 2008 model coming in Japan auto Auction JU Saitama. Myanmar dealers and individuals have a good opportunity to make a bid on this vehicle and obtain direct from Japan auto auction house. Currently starting bid is 350 000¥. This used vehicle available in Silver colour, 2400cc engine with 45000km mileage.

Used Toyota Cars in Japan car auction
Used Rav4 2008 in Japan car auction
2008 Used Toyota Rav4 in Japanese Auto Auction

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Used Toyota Rav4 2008 Auction Sheet

Auction Sheet of Used Toyota Rav4

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